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2 Floor

The total area is 2500 m2, 2,3,4th floor. The club operates in the Premium and Business & Spa format.

Its features and benefits:

- convenient transport interchange, located opposite underground KPI;

- the only club along the Victory Avenue with a swimming pool of 25m, fitness and fitness rooms, a children's club and SPA;

- unique lounge area for relaxation with bath complex (3 baths);

- Kardish theater overlooking the pool.

 Initial instruction is a trial process (training) lasting from 30 to 45 minutes, with an instructor one by one (by appointment), or by telephone (by calling the CA), or personally (going to the CA), through which the client is acquainted with the technique security and the work of various simulators. The initial instruction is conducted in order to allow the client to handle the simulators.

 Gym The total area of ​​the halls is about 900 m2, located on the 3rd floor with panoramic views of the aqua zone. All simulators in the club of leading American brands - StarTrac, Life Fitness, Precor, etc. In the halls presented: - cardio-devices are designed to warm up before force training, the removal of excess calories, training of cardiac endurance. Cardio equipment includes the following professional simulators: treadmills, exercise bikes, steppers, elliptical trainers; - power trainers - hall of free weights (bars, dumbbells, weights, etc.); - Hall of block simulators (adding weight of varying severity, designed for training all groups of muscles and body parts). Additionally, the unique simulator is presented here: TRX Suspension Training is an effective functional training with a weight for the whole body. The TRX hinges allow you to perform hundreds of functional exercises for the development of strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. The floor in the gym is Acczent Terra Tarket.

 Studios The total area of ​​the studios is about 350 m2. 3 studios for different group training, namely: - Studio Group 1 and 2 (3rd floor); - Studio Siklock (4th floor). - Floor covering in all studios - "Taraflex Sport".

 Aqua zone The total area of ​​the aqua zone is about 900 m2. Located on the 2nd floor. Includes: - Swimming pool 25x1 m for 4 tracks, depth 1,20-1,80 m, temperature about 27 ° С; - Children's pool 11mx3 m, depth 0,75 m, temperature about 32 ° С; - Swimming pool for infants 3x3 m, depth 50-80 cm, temperature about 32 ° С; - Group classes in the pool; - Recreation area by the pool. Purification of pools is carried out by ozonation + ultraviolet.

 SPA zone - 3 baths: Finnish sauna, 2 Russian baths, Roman steam room. The temperature of air in: - Russian bath - from 65 ° C to 75 ° C, 60% - humidity; - Finnish sauna - from 90 ° С to 110 ° С, 10-15% humidity; - Roman steam - from 43 ° С to 48 ° С, 100% - humidity. The interior decoration in the Russian and Finnish saunas is made of wood (linden), in the Roman bath - a stone of travertine, laid out with a mosaic. The modern SPA complex includes: procedures in the bath, a lounge area (lounge bar), 2 massage rooms.

 Children's Sports Academy. The area is over 100 m2. Located on the 4th floor. For children: - a children's room; - Children's game room; - Children's Fitness Studio; - Children's pool (from 3 to 7 years old); - Swimming pool for infants (from 0 to 3 years old);

 Locker rooms are 2 spacious lockers, located on the first floor: - Men's - 150 seats, showers; - Women - 150 seats, showers;

 Parking For all on common grounds (near the club free of charge) the internal parking of the TC in the general conditions.

 Additional Services

Personal training, depending on one of the five categories of trainers (399-550 UAH);

Admission to the pool (200 UAH);

Premium studio, if it is not included in the club card (140 UAH);

Author class (140 UAH);

Rent of accessories, on the CD, according to the price list;

Violation of visiting mode, restoration of damaged or lost inventory, replacement of a plastic club card, reissuing of a contract, transition from one type of card to another, etc.